Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dead ant, dead ant...

From Kelly B:

"My grandmother lives out in the country, and a couple of her mailboxes were the victims of bashings (there's not much for teenage boys to do out in the country, you know). A good Samaritan (who turned out to be a serious kook, but that's another story) saw the damage to her mailbox, knocked on her door, said "I'm here to help you!", and offered to fix it for her -- not only that, but he promised to make it un-bashable, to boot. My grandmother reluctantly agreed, and this monstrosity (posts and heavy duty cage, PLUS a paint job) was the result.

Sadly, it really is un-bashable. No one has been able to knock loose one bit of it. And who knew the Pink Panther and Leon Trotsky were separated at birth??"

The guy was a kook you say? No! Really? I guess this is why they came up with Good Samaritan laws.

And where does one get a roll cage for their mailbox?

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