Tuesday, June 12, 2007

\m/etal Sculpture Rocks!

Is it in bad blog form to have emoticons in the title? Do I care? Andy Wibbles is probably uploading a video right now. "Mistake #308 that noob bloggers makes is using emoticons" It's ok, I've already made Mistake #1, so why stop now?

As usual, I digress.

This falls under "unusual" not ugly in my book. Just clarifying before I get flamed anymore. ( "but the Manatee is CUTE" )

Joel Hass writes,
"I don't know if I view my mailboxes as ugly --- I certainly don't like making boring mailboxes. I live in a dragon shaped house, with gold dragonfly shutters, dragon shaped hand rails and so I made a dragon shaped mailbox of scrap metal. Note, he speaks with forked tongue."

Visit the Joel Haas Studio to view more of his mailboxes and art. Very creative and fun.

And if you're ever in his neighborhood of Raleigh, North Carolina visit his Sculpture Walk. How cool is that?

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