Sunday, June 10, 2007


Katie from Ottawa, Canada.

"... this pretty little moo-cow lives and collects mail in St. Albert, Ontario. He lives down the road from the very popular St. Albert Cheese Factory. ( We were
on our way to visit the Cheese Curd festival when we happened upon him and had to take a picture!"

Cheese Curd Festival huh? I gotta check this out ... Giants playing bingo and bingo for children! Who needs adoption agencies? "B-19", "BINGO!!! I want the red-headed little girl"

Back to the mailbox, thanks Katie for sending this pic in, it's definitely a fun one :)

Here's another moo moo from Sam M. in Michigan:

It's a little disturbing because it's been decapitated! That would make mailbox baseball really interesting, if you had heads to bunt around, eh?

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